Here we go!

First off, welcome to my blog! Whether you’re a friend, family, mentor, or someone new altogether, I hope you enjoy my musings on interning in Washington D.C. I will try to keep this blog updated at least three times a week and am excited to share with you all the amazing new experience I will be undertaking.

A little background info for those who don’t know what I’m doing: I will be interning in the office of Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (Oregon District 1) all spring term. I am looking forward to standing besides her as she fights for women’s rights, equitable education, and many more smart, progressive policies in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Well, I’m packing up my bags (probably too many) and getting ready to take my flight out on Tuesday morning (so much for a Spring Break). I guess what I’m most excited about is just having a completely new and eye-opening experience. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oregon, OSU, and all my family and friends with all my with all my heart, but it’s time to change things up. Whenever I am faced with a something as big and new as this, I have learned to limit any expectations I have for what I’m doing. This isn’t in a negative

a daily walk in Corvallis

sense, I just want to have my mind ready and open for anything that comes my way. Doing this can justify big ambitions and few failures.

Though I miss the beautiful walks only minutes away from my house and our unbeatable coffee, one thing is for sure: I’m going to make the most of my time in D.C. and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Also, if you have any suggestions on things I should write about, places I should go, or things I should do while I’m in D.C., let me know in the comments! I want this blog to not only to keep everyone up-to-date, but to serve as a guide for anyone considering an internship on The Hill.

Thanks for keeping up and happy following!



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