Moving in

Somehow I managed to haul all three of my suitcases through the Portland Airport onto my straight-shot flight to D.C. How did I think it was a good idea to fly out during spring break!? Well, I arrived in sunny Washington this evening and found my way over to my accommodations at the historic Thompson-Markward Hall.

f1404f2471d0a9330745ffcbb6a63fd9_4owk.jpgAnd when I say ‘historic’ I mean like really awesomely old. This three-story brick boarding house is  a stone’s throw from the Capitol and was chartered in the 1880’s by Congress to house young women working and living in the area. The picture to the left is literally Eleanor Roosevelt attending an event at TMH! How much cooler does that get? The only rules: NO alcohol and NO boys. Tough ones, I know, but for all that it offers, I think I can manage.

Because this place is so historic it comes with it’s own little quirks. For example, after I checked in this evening, I promptly boarded the manual door elevator to get up to my third floor room. My room is simple, but the best part is my garden view (better than directly facing another building or the busy road). Oh, and did I mention that TMH comes with full breakfast and dinner service? I think these next couple months are going to fly by.



3 thoughts on “Moving in

  1. Welcome to Washington, Claire. I know this will be a wonderful adventure and learning experience for you! In your copious free time (Ha,ha!), you might like to check out a US Marine Band Concert. Go to the President’s Own US Marine Band website for information about concerts. I think they have a great chamber music series in the Spring. I know you will be busy, but it would probably be nice to still have some music in your life. I look forward to reading more about your adventures! Happy Easter!


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