First Day

WOW! What can I say. Today was my first day in the office and there is going to be a lot to learn. First off, it will be navigating the capitol buildings. The halls in Cannon House Building are long and dotted with doors and flags, all of which are at first glance, identical. There is also a series of underground hallways that connect most of the capitol buildings and house a lot of important places for interns like the flag office and the mailing department. The Congresswoman’s office is on the 4th floor though (I guess as Congress member’s  gain rank they move down floors) so I am sure I will get in all my FitBit steps for the day!

Once I found the office, I jumped right into the thick of it. While many people find this sort of shotgun orientation overwhelming, I love this sort of positive pressure and high expectations in a new situation. Even though I am bound to make mistakes at first (especially when it comes to transferring calls, logging information, etc.), I know that there are people excited to see me succeed in this position, and I will. I also happen to be the only Oregonian intern for now, so I’ve got that going for me!

One of the cool things that I got to do today was shadow a constituent capitol tour. I have been on a tour before, but I am really looking forward to start leading them instead. As oneSnapchat-447730125023556664 of my co-workers advised me today, I’ll have to watch out for some of the other fact-skewing intern guides. I guess someone once told tourists that on the of capitol’s magnificent chandeliers was salvaged from the Titanic, when in reality it was donated by a church. I also overheard another tour guide state that the dome was under construction because of “the big earthquake” when really they are repairing about two centuries worth of wear-and-tear. On my tours I will try my best to stick to the facts, no matter how interesting another version of the story might be.

Catch up more soon! Also send me any questions you might have or suggestions for me to write about.



3 thoughts on “First Day

  1. Probably you know that Grandma is in a nursing home because of a fall and a pelvic fracture, as well as the additional problem of Alzheimer’s Disease. I print your stories and take them to read aloud to her so she can learn about your experiences. We love you lots. Grandpa McMorris


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