Cherry Blossoms

Today I rolled out of bed at 5:30am, on a Saturday none-the-less, to walk over to see a D.C. classic: the spring cherry blossoms. Some of the girls at TMH wanted to go over early and I saidIMG_20160326_065900-5 “sure, why not!” So in the dark (and cold) a group of around six of us made the long walk in the dark out to the Jefferson Tidal Basin. Now I know this is a pretty popular thing to do around here, but I was honestly shocked by the sheer amount of people, photography equipment and dogs that lined the edge of pond before 7:00am. I guess today was one of the “peak days” for the cherry blossoms, meaning every tree had at least 70 percent of their flowers in bloom and there had to be at least 1,000 people taking pictures of them this morning.

Once we got over the chilliness of the morning, the fresh blooms against the sunrise were an outstanding sight. The most impressive part of it allIMG_20160326_065134-2 was the sheer quantity of fully grown cherry blossom trees. As you looked around the perimeter of the tidal basin towards the Jefferson Memorial, all you could see was a sold line of fluffy pink petals.

On top of this wonderful experience in the morning, the day turned out to be perfect, sunny spring weather. As I walked to a nearby coffee shop, I thought about how wonderful D.C. has been so far. What an amazing, special city.

More adventures to come!



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