Getting lost

So usually I’m not one to like not knowing where I am, but when you happen to be completely surrounded by hundreds of years of history, it somehow doesn’t seem as bad. For example, traipsing through the bowels of the Capitol to get the the flag office isn’t boring when you start thinking about all the people who might have walked these same halls years before. And it is sometimes the little things that make history geeks like me excited, like the slight indentation wear on the marble steps of our office building. How many feet have those steps felt to create an actual mark in the step? Amazing.

Things are well underway in my internship and I hope I am catching on to office life quickly. Today I had my tour guide training for the Capitol tours I will be giving to constituents who come all the way from Oregon to visit D.C. One of theIMG_20160330_135602 neat (and usually hard to do) things our group got the chance to do was take in the view from the Speaker’s Balcony. This is typically reserved as the private porch for the Speaker of the House in their Capitol office, but since it is recess and was a beautiful day, why not!?

The view straight out the Washington Monument was stunning. It always amazes me how symmetrical the architecture is around the Capitol Mall. It certainly sets a memorable and patriotic scene.



One thought on “Getting lost

  1. I had the exact same reaction to the worn steps in the Capitol when I first visited years ago! And I still love being surrounded by the history in D.C.


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