Let’s go Fly a Kite!

After taking some R&R from my first full week of work on Saturday morning, I decided to go wandering out towards the National Mall. Though I have only been working for a handful of days, I think one of the big takeaways I will get from this internship is what it is like to work on a 9-5 schedule. At times the days go fast, other times slow, but when the weekend comes, it is heaven-sent! Though I may still have many things to do on the weekends and after work, when living in a bustling city like D.C. it is important to let yourself take at least a few moments of your weekend to enjoy some downtime.

IMG_20160403_004328As part of the Cherry Blossom fanaticism that takes over the city in the spring, the city hosts a wonderful four-week festival that incorporates more than just the cute little pink flowers (which are almost all turned to cute little green leaves by now). Yesterday was the kite festival. And when I say this was an outstandingly large event, I mean it! There had to be thousands of people and hundreds of kites swarming around the Washington Monument. The sun darted in and out between clouds, but regardless of weather it still was quite the spectacle. One of my favorite and most-entertaining parts was an intense kite battle between five master kite teams. They ran around trying to keep their large kites in the air all while dashing around other teams to wrap the lines and take another kite down. My favorite team, a neon Bob Marley kite called “One Love,” barely missed victory, but so it goes.




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