A Lovely Spring Day!

What else is there to do on the weekends except have grand adventures!

On Saturday’s agenda: the top of the Washington Monument and the White House Spring Garden Tour.

Looking out to the Jefferson Memorial

It was a beautiful, sunny day in D.C., enough so to warrant my first sunburn of the season.
One of the really neat things about doing things in D.C. is that majority of the time it is free, subsidized through the National Park Service. At the Washington Monument I was meeting with my cohort of interns to head to the top of the 555 ft. structure, skipping the atrocious lines with our advance tickets. Thankfully, once inside the Monument, an elevator zips you up to the top in around 70 seconds. I couldn’t imagine climbing up all those stairs. The view from the top was spectacular, especially in the blue sky and full sun. You could practically see all of the District (well, it is pretty small) and of course all of the miniature-looking landmarks. On the way down in the elevator, the “ride” even slowed down to show the decorative stones donated by states that help support the monument. Definitely a must-do when in D.C.

The White House Rose Garden was full of Tulips!

After the Monument, me and a friend walked down the street to the LONG lines at the
annual White House Spring Garden Tour. Once we made it to the grounds, I was in love
with the flourishing garden beds of tulips and beautifully maintained scenery. Not to mention I was steps away from the front door of the White House! The President’s Own Marine Band serenaded us as we walked around the central fountain and by the kitchen garden. I sometimes still get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of history that has occurred in the places I visit. I hope to be back to the White House soon.



One thought on “A Lovely Spring Day!

  1. I so enjoy following your journey in Washington through these posts. Thanks so much, Claire for taking the time to include all of us. I hope you enjoyed listening to the band. I saw a picture on one of the bandmember’s FB page and the President’s two dogs were getting hugs from some of the members. I loved your comments about lunch with your Congresswoman. It is so nice she took the time to spend with the four of you. Have fun, Claire. Your wonderful smile, and cheerful personality will brighten the halls of Congress.


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