An unexpected visitor

Everywhere I turn there seems to be another amazing opportunity ready to jump out from around the corner and on Monday, it was exceptionally unique.

At around 4:15 I was going about my regular business of researching and drafting letters when I get an email from my supervisor: “The Secretary of Education is coming in for a meeting with the Congresswoman at 4:30 and we want you to sit in on the meeting. Be ready to go.” My eyes went wide. Is this really happening? We’re talking about THE Secretary of Education and Presidential Cabinet member, Dr. John King. I was ready to go at 4:30.

After being introduced personally to Secretary King I attentively listened to Congresswoman Bonamici and Secretary King discuss the future of public education. I was impressed, but not surprised at their ability to smoothly and intelligently converse over many topics and learned a lot from their expertise and pointed conversation. It’s the things like this that makes me excited to go into the office everyday; you just don’t know what might happen or who might walk into the door.

Me, Congresswoman Bonamici, and Secretary of Education John King

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