Would you like the bill?

Wow! I can’t believe I have already been in D.C. for a month! The time truly does fly when you’ve got so many amazing things to do, people to meet, and sights to see.

Today I actually got to part of the process of how legislation passes through Congress. Well, almost. I helped deliver a fresh bill introduced by the Congresswoman onto the House docket. In Congress it’s a bit more complicated than just “introducing a bill” to Congress. Our team spent hours developing the legislation, signing on co-sponsors and coordinating with the related bill on the Senate side. So really, delivering the bill to the Speaker of the House is a huge step within itself. I am excited to watch this piece of legislation as it makes it ways through the process. Do you recall the “I’m just a bill” song from School House Rock?

One of the other “behind-the-scenes” jobs I get to do as a Congressional intern is research topics for our staff. Most students groan familiarly at the thought of a research project, but when you have plenty of office time and informational resources to do your project in, it makes things quite a bit easier. It is also pretty cool to know that the questions you are answering and responses you are creating could someday inspire some real policymaking. Another benefit of doing these small research projects is that you can quickly become a pseudo-expert in certain topic. Since I am mainly interested in education policy, I have enjoyed learning more intricately about the public education system and federal financial aid.

On the rare occasions I get bored or tired, I always remember that I am here in this internship to learn about the policymaking process and my area of interest, so why not spend my time doing just that!


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