Run run run!

One of the benefits of working on a regular schedule is you can regularly do other things, like exercise. Though DC is a big city, it is a great place for recreation of every kind. On any given day you can find people playing ultimate frisbee or softball in the fields of the National Mall, and people jogging, walking dogs, or biking all around the monuments.

Now I have done some running before, but never really made it habitual. When I arrived in DC, I set the goal to be able to run to the Washington Monument and back, about 4 1/4 miles. Seemed like a decent enough start for a still admittedly novice runner. Well, after about two weeks of running I was easily able to do that, so I had to set a more lofty goal. How about to the Lincoln Memorial and back? Now THAT would be a run at almost 6 miles! I knew I could do it if I was in the right mindset and the weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity. On Saturday I got up to a gray and dreary day. Very reminiscent of home actually, which was comforting. By 10:00 I made my way over to the free morning yoga class at the Botanical Gardens and got thoroughly soaked going over there. As I trudged my way over to the museum I knew that this was my day to run all the way to the Lincoln, rain or not. So after yoga I popped in my headphones and started out. Little to my surprise I made it back to TMH, a dripping noodle, in under an hour, excited about my achievement. Now I can’t stop thinking about where I might run to next. Up the Georgetown canal path? Over to the South Waterfront? Who knew I could see so much of DC just on foot!


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