Heads up!

It’s crazy to me that I am halfway through my internship experience in DC. I still haven’t decided if it feels like I have been here for a long time or I just got here, but probably the latter. This week has actually been a pretty busy one for me. Between all sorts of briefings, meetings, and projects at work and my mom coming into town this weekend (!) I feel like the days have been whizzing past.

One of the areas we focus on in our office is STEAM, integrating the ‘A’ for Arts in STEM education. As a musician and someone who has dabbled in the other performing arts, I am absolutely in love with concept. Today I had a chance to attend an event with NW Noggin, an organization that teaches neurology and psychology through arts to K-12 students and other community audiences, and they also happen to be from the Portland Metro area! The cool thing about attending these events (other than the free lunch) is you never know what you might be in for. Last week I went to one with a NASA astronaut and a whole host of other cool space tech, but this time it was brains. Yes, part of the curriculum that they teach for basic neurology includes holding a real13112796_1023446831069137_6098781538592600887_o (preserved) brain. Regrettably, as I glanced over the brain table after the presentation, I instantly became much to squeamish to consider touching one. Congresswoman Bonamici, however; had no fear picking one up, and I even snapped a picture of her that made it onto her Facebook page! Maybe one day I’ll have the same scientific bravery.


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