All of the sights!

With my mom in town, I probably walked more in four days than I have collectively walked in some weeks, clocking in about 21,000 steps on my FitBit a day! Since my mom was only in town for a few days, I had the joy of reverting to tourist-status to eagerly sight-see the city. We saw so much! I took her on a Capitol tour, we saw the Supreme Court chambers, showed her my apartment, saw the American History and National Art Museums, walked all the way out to the Jefferson Memorial and back, watched a show at the Folger Shakespeare Theatre (the Reduced Shakespeare Company) and caught the metro out to Alexandria, VA. Needless to say, we earned our dinner every night.

At the White House!

It’s a bit funny living somewhere for a while and then becoming a tourist for the weekend. Yes, I wander through the less busy museums every once in a while, but in some strange way, my little neighborhood in DC already feels like home to me. I know my time here is short, but when you walk on the same streets and see the same people everyday, you get attached.

I’m so glad my mom came out to visit right in the middle of my visit. It put a lot of perspective on how much I enjoy it here, but how much I miss home. These last five weeks have seemed so short, and I have less than five weeks left. While I am sure I will be excited to return, I know that there will be certain things that I will miss about living in working on Capitol Hill, especially the community of young women I have met at TMH.



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