Recess time!

Working in a Congressional office, you begin to get accustomed with the patterns of busyness and rhythms of the Capitol. This is exceedingly present in the difference between being “in-session” versus “out-of-session.” When Congress is in-session the halls are hustling and bustling, the members of Congress are dashing from meeting to meeting, barely even getting in time for lunch, and in the office we

At the front office

are sometimes so overflowing with people, that our staff has to convene people in the hallway. I guess we know where the term “lobbying” comes from. On out-of-session days however, things settle into a productive lull. While there is plenty still to get done
(research, reading, mail), and members are busy out in their home districts, things seem a lot quieter. When Congress isn’t in session there is also the added benefit being able to dress down in classic Pacific Northwest “semi-formal” style (which consequently is “casual” here on the East Coast).

I like to take this time to focus in on developing my writing and research skills through legislative research. One thing that I have found in this process, is sometimes the government is too good at collecting data. Sometimes I will think I have hit a gold mine of information just to realize that it is just slightly on a different topic. This only leads me to learn more about the subject, something that I don’t contest much. Who knew I could have so much fun looking at government reports!


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