When I’m on tours, there are three popular questions that I am asked by folks almost every time.

  1. Are you from Oregon?
  2. How did you find out about this internship?
  3. How did you find somewhere to live?

Obviously the answer to number one is yes, but the other two questions always surprise me in how often they come up. Almost always our visitors are looking for advice for themselves, their child, or someone they know. I thought I’d share here my answers to these two common questions in case any of you are in the same boat as the people I have met with, or are just curious.

I’ve known for a while that wanted to do an internship in Washington DC, it was just a matter of when and for who. Through my experience in student government at OSU I knew enough people who interned on the Hill to understand that it is kind of THE type of experience you need if you want to go into a politics or public service. Last year my desire to spend a term here was solidified after I worked in OSU’s Government Relations office, receiving first hand experience what it was like to work on legislative issues and public offices. Since there are only seven members of Congress from the Oregon Delegation, I didn’t have that hard of a choice. I applied for several internships, but ultimately chose Congresswoman Bonamici’s office because of my interest in the issues she works on and the fact that she is currently the only woman in the Oregon Congressional Delegation. Women in politics is something that is very important to me and I knew that working for her office would inform my future in many more ways than one.

Housing is not secured after you accept an internship in DC. I think this actually probably one of the hardest parts about solidifying an internship and often deters people from coming at all. I found Thompson-Markward Hall almost by accident. On a PDF about thirty clicks into an OSU career center website, I saw a quick mention about TMH. Curious about this all-women’s boarding house, I googled it and the rest is history! I did, however, reserve my housing really far in advance (booked in November for arriving in March), which I think gave me a leg up in the housing search.

So, if you are considering an internship or don’t know where to start looking, just remember that there have been so many others in your position and all you need to do is go for it!

Comment with any more questions you have!



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