Common misconceptions

I have done a fair share of political show-binging in my time, House of Cards, West Wing, Veep, and Madam Secretary to name a few favorites, but after being in DC for a while now I have started to learn what is right and what is oh, so wrong about what happens on the hill.


  • People getting into the office early and staying late: The intern schedule is 9-5, but that doesn’t mean that the other staff even thinks about going home that early. DC is infamous for it’s impassioned workaholics, something well-portrayed in most political dramas.
  • Airtight schedules: There not much down time for anyone on the hill. Often times meetings with members are on-the-go or cut short by a hearing or a vote.


  • Everyone is cutthroat in DC: Actually, pretty much the opposite. People are really willing to help out  and give advice to interns and young professionals.
  •  There’s always crises to divert: Most days are really well planned out and anything odd is handled smoothly and professionally.
  •  Suits – all day, every day: In session, yes you typically want to dress nice, but on out-of-session days, you are free to dress down! Bring on the jeans!
  • Crazy private-professional-political mix: No dramatic “storming-out-of-the-room” moments. The offices are run like any other busy professional space.

Of course,tomorrow something overwhelmingly movie-esque could happen, but probably not. The TV world of DC seems galaxies away from what any normal day on the hill looks like.



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