Dumbarton Oaks

Today I was yearning for adventure. After being cooped up with a spring allergies for the last few days I needed to get out, stretch my legs, and explore! I decided that I would walk up to Dupont Circle, a DC classic that I hadn’t been to on this trip. I leisurely made my way over, making a stop at the Postal Museum (highly recommended) and of course to grab a coffee. When I got to Dupont, I looked at the trusted Google Maps on my phone. Where would I go next? As I scrolled along DC’s linear streets, I noticed Dumbarton Gardens; I think someone told me about that once before. Serendipitously, I decided to try it out. It was a beautiful day anyway.

I walked and walked as modern concrete turned into classically whimsical brick and stone. The houses in this neighborhood were unique and of colonial style. Certainly unlike the packed townhouses around Capitol Hill, these were actual houses with beautifully kept roses and leafy trees.

When I arrived at Dumbarton, I first entered the museum portion, a gorgeous red-brick home with a priceless amount of art and history. I then wandered around the corner of the estate to find the garden museum entrance. I do not exaggerate when I say that this is now

Stunning Irises and garden houses

probably one of my favorites places in DC. The fifty-three acre property is meticulously taken care of and preserved in a classic 1920’s style. I strolled through the orangery, lilac circle, and rose garden, admiring the garden’s ability to make just about anyone feel absolutely transcendent. Though I was in the midst of a city, the hidden benches winding brick paths of Dumbarton were blissfully silent.

Though it is a journey to get out to the gardens, (there is no nearby public transport) I whole-heartedly recommend visiting Dumbarton Gardens and the beautiful brick streets of northern Georgetown on your next visit to DC.



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