Before I left for DC I received a very special present from my grandmother, some money to help buy a ticket to a Kennedy Center show. In my previous trips to DC I had always wanted to visit the Kennedy Center, its ominous presence bridging the Potomac River to the monuments on the National Mall. After spending a good chunk of time browsing the web for shows, I decided to call the Kennedy Center to see how they recommend finding tickets for a good deal. It was on the phone where I found out about the MyTix program, which allows 18-30 year-olds to purchase select tickets for a VERY discounted price. I was in.

On Friday night I made my way over to the performance, the National Symphony Orchestra. As a musician and orchestra member myself, I was overjoyed when I found my seat seven rows from the front; the Concert Hall itself must have been at least 200 ft. deep with almost 2,500 seats. The rest of the Kennedy Center was equally as breath-taking. Pre-show, people whizzed around to find which theater they were in as others lounged on the patio, dressed to the nines and sipping wine as the sun set over the Potomac.

Pretty good seat!

When the performance was about to begin I also noticed that the symphony was playing a piece I was familiar with (having played it last year), the Vaughn Williams Symphony No. 4, in addition to the virtuosic Elgar Cello Concerto.

Though I was on my own, I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and the moving performance by cellist Alban Gerhardt. Being so close to the stage, I almost felt as if I was sitting with the musicians, a comforting thought. The Kennedy Center and the National Symphony did not disappoint and thank you Granny Kaye for the inspiration and gift!



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