Arlington on a Rainy Day

It’s May 22nd and somehow it has never really stopped raining here. I guess I should have anticipated a much different climate than back in Oregon, but I thought there would be a little bit of sunshine in the spring. Today I had planned to go out with a friend and run to Arlington Cemetery. It has just dawned on me in the past few days that I am only here for two more weeks and need to get to everything on my DC bucket list, so I decided to get two birds with one stone and combine exercise with tourism.

We were drenched by the time we got over the bridge from the Lincoln Memorial and to the entrance to Arlington. As we walked up the rolling hills my breath was taken away by

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

the endless sight of white marble headstones. The cemetery itself is over 600 acres, yet so much of the space is already taken up. Both sad and amazing. We followed the signs to one
of the important memorials, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Just as we arrived, three soldiers began a changing of the guard ceremony which we watched with the large gathered crowd. To be a tomb guard is one of the highest honors you can receive in the Army and is the  second least awarded medal. We then wandered our way through dozens of hallowing memorials and the J.F.K. gravesite. We could have walked for hours longer, but the wind chill and aching muscles sent us running back towards DC.

Arlington truly was an honor to behold and I am glad I made the (wet) journey out there.



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