White House!

Yesterday I FINALLY went on a White House tour! Of course the only available time slot was 8:00am on a Saturday. Supposedly the White House is the number one requested tour in DC, and I’m not going to say it was a let-down, but having been there for an event a year and a half ago, not much has changed. On Saturday morning I got myself self up and out the door with my ticket and trusted Columbia rain jacket. Little did I know it was absolutely pouring outside. We (me and my other intern friend) waited outside security and exchanged an umbrella for several minutes before beginning the security process. They are certainly thorough (as you hope they would be) with the screening over there; you have to show your ID twice as well as be sniffed by dogs and walk through a metal detector.

When we got inside I stripped off my sopping jacket and we began our self-guided tour through the East Wing. Since the White House is obviously still often used for events and meetings, there were no plaque descriptions like an ordinary museum, they actually encourage you to ask the Secret Service standing guard any questions you may have about the space.

Red Room in the White House

We were able to walk through the ornate Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red rooms, as well as the State Dining Room. What the two of us really wanted to see were the First Dogs, Bo and Sunny, but it being a rainy Saturday morning we figured they were still cuddling in bed with the First Family.



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