Final Weekend!

Well, the time has finally come when I can start counting down my days left in DC on one hand! Though I am surely in denial, I have even managed to start filling my suitcases again. As I was out and about I already started to miss the city bustling with tourists and politicos alike. Come this weekend there were still several items left on my “must-do” in DC list. I was able to knock out a few of them, including the National Portrait Gallery.

I truly think of the National Portrait Gallery as a hidden treasure  Smithsonian. Off the beaten path, near Chinatown, it really is a gem of a museum. The building itself actually dates back to 1836, where it was the grand home of the US Patent Office. The Great Hall on the third floor hosted Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural and it was used as the Red Cross base of Clara Barton during the Civil War. The art it chiefly contains, American portraits, are simple, but classic. The Presidential exhibit features several of the classics (at least those not in the White House) and there is also a wealth of other traditional and modern American works.

A recognizable portrait

Other items off the checklist included visiting the American Indian Museum (a nice air-conditioned break from the scorcher of a weekend) and having a famous “adult” milkshake at Ted’s Bulletin Restaurant. Most importantly I am grateful to have spent a final weekend with intern and TMH friends who have made my entire time worthwhile.


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