Memorial Day

As you might guess, Memorial Day brings many festivities in Washington DC. On Sunday was the nationally televised Memorial Day Concert on the Capitol lawn (which I didn’t attend because of bad weather) and on Monday there was the famous wreath-laying at Arlington Cemetery and the National Memorial Day Parade. Since the parade was literally down the street from me I couldn’t help but wander over and check it out.

Flag at the start of the parade!

We ended up finding the perfect spot along the street right behind the performance area. Not only did we see the parade participants walk right, but were able to see the (backside of) the musical guests as well! The parade consisted of MANY high school marching bands, but also tributes to every American-fought war from the Revolution to Desert Storm. For the historical displays, some people even dressed up like famous figures (George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, etc.)! Since this event was also live broadcast, I might have even been on TV for a split second!

I am very glad I could spend a Memorial Day in Washington DC. It was a day to remember and just seemed more relevant here for some reason.

Things wrap up this week and I will be headed back to Oregon on Sunday. I can hardly believe. Time flew by, but I also feel a certain connection to this place. Life has mysterious ways.


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