Signing off

Thank you to everyone who followed along with my blog this spring. Looking back I am grateful for all the things I was able to see, people I was able to meet and experiences I was able to have. As I returned to Oregon I was glad to be back in the comfort of rolling hills and peaceful forests, but started to miss some little things about DC. Of course. I absolutely will not miss the humidity.

Thank you to all you made this trip possible. Parents, friends, family, and colleagues, you have all been so supportive of development as a leader, thinker, and human being. I appreciate every one of you.

Love and thanks for reading!



Last day in the office

Well, the day has finally come though I never believed it would: my last day in the office!

In many senses it was just like any other day. I answered the phones, gave a tour, and did my other daily tasks, trying to forget that it would be the last time I would be doing many of these things I came to love. After finishing most of my projects for the day, I had a chance to take one last walk through the Capitol halls and was able to get in many of my tourist pics I usually only passed by on tours. As I was wandering through the cavernous tunnels and grandiose columns I still felt in shock that I was really in the place where history was made.

Cannon Building Rotunda

My friend asked me the other day, “Does that crazy feeling of being in the Capitol ever go away?” No, I don’t think it does, even when you know where your going and recognize many faces along the way, history always finds a way to prevail in a place that has seen so many important challenges and tribulations.

Interning in D.C. has truly been a wonderful and eye-opening experience. From navigating the city to truly participating in the policy process I enjoyed every minute of it. I am also very grateful to an engaging and supportive group of co-workers who constantly challenged me in my role to strive for excellence. I would not trade this quarter for the world.